Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The wrong way to use handcuffs

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When I was a Senior in high school, I went with my best friend to her boyfriend’s house. His father was a police officer and had a set of handcuffs lying on the table. We were joking around with them, when I thought I would be cute and amusing and closed them on her wrist. Oops. She wasn’t amused and definitely didn’t think I was cute. Her boyfriend informed us that there was no key for them in the house. Double oops. Well, we discussed what to do, she could keep them on till his dad got home, but his dad would be pissed if he found out we were playing with his “cop things” or we could go out and find someone with a key. We decided on the latter, got into his car and went in search of someone with handcuff keys.

We drove to the fair because it was close and knew there would be security there. She tried to hide her hand under a coat. I laughed so hard but she really wasn’t amused. Of course, she was afraid of what people would think of her and was turning red. We found an officer and I casually went up and asked him if he could uncuff my friend. His eyes twinkled just a tiny bit as he unlocked the handcuff. My friend and her boyfriend were mortified. I still laughed and will probably find it funny till the day I die.

Awesome author Bethany Griffin has written a book involving handcuffs. I loved the book and she uses handcuffs the right way – to cause consequences and growth for her MC! Please check out her web-site, www.bethanygriffin.com. Here is the description from Amazon:
PARKER PRESCOTT IS an ice princess. Cold, aloof, a snob. At least, that’s what everyone says on Marion Hennessey’s blog. And everyone reads Marion Hennessey’s blog.

Parker Prescott is a middle child. She’s the good one, the dependable one, the one her parents trust. Well . . . she used to be.

Parker Prescott’s parents want her to break up with her boyfriend. But she already did, two weeks ago. And then she realized it was a mistake. He came over. He had the handcuffs in his pocket. Everything went downhill from there. Sort of.

Parker Prescott’s world is changing and she no longer knows who she is. Does anyone?
For my contest I am offering a hardcover copy of Handcuffs, a cool journal and a bookmark. All you have to do to enter is post a question for me to ask Bethany for my upcoming interview or share a short story (3-5 sentences) about handcuffs – fact or fiction ;) . When I post the interview next week, I’ll announce the winner. Post your comment before midnight EST December 26. This is an International contest – always wanted to say that.

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