Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SOSN Contest 1-- The Underdog

(Please note that this contest is now closed.)

People can’t help loving an underdog. Sure millions of girls wear Team Edward shirts but is it really all that fun cheering on the guy you know will get the girl? Maybe that’s why the romantic underdog is a staple of YA (and other) fiction–we know he probably won’t win but we can’t help cheering him on because, gosh darn it, he’s not so perfect. Whether it’s Miles “Pudge” Harper in Looking for Alaska or Alec and Simon in City of Bones, these poor guys (and sometimes girls) tug at our heart strings.

Want to win the above vintage Hungarian postcard? (In case it’s not clear: pseudo-Jake is on his knees and pseudo-Bella is making faces at him) Tweet the phrase below with your answer to @OPWFT.

My favorite YA underdog is:

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