Monday, December 28, 2009

When life gets in the way

After a great Christmas, a great party, and an inevitable spat with the inlaws, I’m back at the computer, only to realize that I accomplished NOTHING, writing-wise. I didn’t check out Nathan Bransford’s cool charity blog post, or the fabulous Ask Daphne query post until this morning. I felt way behind some of my more motivated OPWFT.

Then I realized, that’s okay. Because at the moment, my general life is a higher priority than my writing. Do I spend hours writing? Yes. Do I do it when it’s not fun? Yes. Do I keep revising and keep working even after a rejection? Yep. But at the moment my book isn’t paying bills, feeding my kids, or sleeping with my husband ;) I reserve the right to put it away now and then.

What about you? Are you writing over the holidays?

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