Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Querying love

I really enjoy querying.

I know to some that sounds crazy, but I do. I get that itch to send out queries fairly regularly when I'm working on a book. I just finished my third, which is on its way to betas, and I'm itching to hit send five times on that query. And right query sucks.

I enjoy getting e-mails from agents, even though the pattern has been mostly rejections. I squee when I have a request. And I sigh when I get a rejection.

But there is something edgy about the process. I can't explain it, but it may be that deep-down part of me that knows the right agent for me is out there and when the stars align, I'll have an offer.

Now, I don't want to be misunderstood here. I've been depressed and upset and felt like quitting too many times to count. There have been times when I wanted nothing to do with writing. Times when I wanted to chuck it all and never type another word. Those times are very real, but have passed for me. I figure they will come back again. Even after an agent, and a book deal or five book deals. I may be eighty years old wanting to burn it all one day. But one thing has remained constant for me. My writing buddies who tell me to keep going. I hope you have that in your life.

Good luck on your path!


Cheyanne said...

I know the feeling. To me, I think it's the satisfaction of actually DOING something. You're not just sitting around wishing you were a writer, you're writing and you're querying and you're putting yourself out there. Good luck! It will happen for you!

Deb said...

How could I not click on an entry that put the words "querying" and "love" together? It makes a little more sense to me, now I've read the entry!

I do have the people who urge me on, and I'm grateful for them.

Annie McElfresh said...

***HUGS*** I'm so glad I've got friends like you in this crazy writing life or else I might be completely insane by now...LOL

Linda said...

I completely understand. Querying can be frustrating sometimes, but it's still really exciting. Best of luck to you :)

J.S. Wood said...

Thanks everyone!

Debra D. said...