Friday, May 13, 2011

How'd I do? Divergent Challenge Week One: Abnegation

As part of our own GotYA gal, Debra Driza's DIVERGENT CHALLENGE, authored by one-time GotYA gal, Veronica Roth (wow that's a mouthful), I'll be taking on the weekly faction challenges and posting right here on GotYA!

Got it?!?


 According to the Divergent fansite, Abnegation means:

1.  To refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject, renounce.
2.  To relinquish, give up

Relinquish your home to De CAT!

As a mom of two who works full time and does this thing called writing books, there's a lot of sacrifice in my life.  Sleep being number one on the list.  But giving things up to do something you love, like writing, doesn't seem like abnegation to me.  So, that won't count.
I've gone to work without makeup this week!  But not as a thought-out contribution to this challenge, more like a my-eyes-are-itchy-stupid-oak-trees-are-killing-me kind of thing.  So, that won't count either.

I read 50 pages of Ramona and Her Mother last night that my 3rd grade daughter put off and put off and put off until she had to have it read by today for a book report.  But, I'm a mom--it's my job.  So, that doesn't count. 
It's what we do.
Guess that means I can't count cooking, doing dishes and washing clothes either.
I'm striking out here people.
Maybe I should fast next week to make up for my big FAIL this week.  Of course, I would lose weight that way, so that probably wouldn't count either.
I suck at this.  I give up. 

I'm not sure what's going on here--but it's funny as heck!


Debra Driza said...

OMG, that dance pic is full of win!

I had similar problems as you with Abnegation--very ready to tackle a new faction! :D

Kate said...

Now I'm going to challenge myself to include the word abnegation in the next technical report I write at work. :-)

Kaitlin Ward said...

that's sort of how I felt about this week. Everything I did, I did for a reason (other than just selflessness).

Jamie B said...

Pure selflessness is HARD. I skipped out on Lent this year, that's how bad I am at this abnegation stuff.

Stephanie Jenkins said...

I was going to post that I selflessly made dinner for my husband a few nights ago (he normally cooks) but then I realized I did it because he hadn't cooked yet and I was dying of starvation. Man, do I fail or what? Love this post--I think I'll join the challenge next week! :D

Anonymous said...

Sadly I do kind of think the mom thing should count as a kind of constant stream of abnegation (pregnancy! Peeing when you laugh! Leaking milk when you cry! Waking all night! Pulling ticks out of kids' hair! Sarcastic eye rolls!) But given the intense joy of being hugged or grinned at or joked with I guess there's not a lot of selflessness involved.

J.S. Wood said...

Love this post! Guess you're a part of this selfish club!!

Marilyn Almodóvar said...

This post is made of awesome. Can't wait till Monday so I can start a new challenge and forget how very selfish I am LOL Though I'm in good company so I won't complain.

Sarah Enni said...

I think lots of mommyhood totally counts as Abnegation!

And wow, that dance pic... AMAZING!

Kathy Bradey said...

Being a mother is EPIC ABNEGATION. And there's no such word as 'fail.' :P

Nikki said...

Like the others, I think many aspects of being a mom can be taken as abnegation ... especially if you try to be fully engaged. Or at least that's what I told myself in my post!!! LOL :)

Annie McElfresh said...

OMG Just saw that bottom pic and died laughing. Their faces are priceless! LMAO