Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cover Love!

It's time for cover love!

First up:
XVI by Julia Karr

(US, German)

The author revealed her German cover yesterday and I'm totally in love with it. It's nothing like the US cover, though both are rather striking.

Next up:

The Iron King by Julia Kagawa

(US, German)

Again an awesome German cover (by my German pub Heyne!). I love the colors and those eyes and eyelashes. Just wow! But the US cover is pretty awesome, too!

Next up:

The Hollow by Jessica Verday.

(US hardcover, US paperback, UK, German)

I'm not so sure about the US hardcover. It's a bit unsettling. I definitely prefer the paperback version. The German cover is my favorite though.

What do you think?


Bee said...

The German covers steal the show for all three of these books!

J.S. Wood said...

I like both of the XV! covers, but The Hollow in German is the best!

Zoraida Cordova said...

I'm a fan of the german covers!

AderuMoro said...

Wow the German cover for the Iron King looks fabulous. What makeup! I really like the curly thorns on the US cover though :D

Debra D. said...

I like the German covers, too---though I really like the U.S. cover of Iron King!

(and while I like the XIV US cover, I find it a bit hard to read....)

Di said...

The German covers are gorgeous.