Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays on AW!

In the YA section of the Absolute Write forum, there’s a thread named YA Blogroll. This is where we arrive early every Tuesday morning, bleary eyed from late nights of writing, and flushed with excitement to share a snippet of our hard work. After posting a teaser on our blogs, we announce our newest post in the YA Blogroll thread.

Then the fun begins!

We anxiously visit one another’s blogs and comment on the snippets. Many times the small appetizer is from a fellow AWers work in progress that we feel connected to as a cheerleader during Friday Nite Writes, or as someone who has been a sounding board along the creative trail. Having a sense of pride for a fellow writer’s progress is as much of a reward as reading all of the wonderful comments left on your own Teaser Tuesday blog post.

This is your invitation to read, comment and follow the blogs on the YA Blogroll. Just think…someday these titles will be lining the shelves of your favorite bookstore and you can say “I remember when…”

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