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The Bear Facts Survey About Real Teens and Their Reading Habits

Yes, just the facts—the bear facts that is. Our school mascot is the Grizzly, and when you enter the building, you come face to face with this giant Grizzly bear in a glass case. As one former student said, “Nothing says school spirit like dead bear!” But, I digress.

Here are the bear facts from Part One of the survey including what real teens like to read, what trends they’re tired of, what they’d like to see more of, and do they read books because of the hype.

Question #1: What do you like to read?

“I really enjoy reading mysteries/murder stories. They give more intense and dramatic plots. They make you want to continue to read and push for the ending.”

“Romantic books. Books about the old times like Janette Oke books.”

“Historical fiction, adventure, some romance. And fantasy like Harry Potter, Twilight, Eragon, and Artemis Fowl.”

“I like to read books about adventure, but then have a part with the main character in love.”

“Tragic love stories”

“Books about addiction and how they deal with it and problem teens and historical books.”

“I like reading non-fiction. To me non-fiction has more action and is interesting.”

“I like reading books on relationships and love. I feel like I can relate better to it.”

“I like books that deal with history, especially the Civil War. I also like books that are funny.”

“I like to read books that have suspense in them. I also like reading books that send a chill up my spine.”

“Stuff on history or criminal/crime/ghost books.”

Question #2: What trend are you tired of seeing in YA literature?

“Pretty people is the worst. They think being scantily clad and wearing the latest clothes and the latest shoes is all people care about. I’m utterly disgusted by this genre, and I’m tired of YA literature portraying this.”

“I’m getting tired of hero books.”

“Vampires…Twilight was enough.”

“Faeries, dragons, and knights.”

“Emo teens and Vampires.”

“I’m not tired of seeing any trend because I like to keep an open mind when reading or choosing a book.”

“Clicks because they exclude everyone.”

“Extremely fake creatures and faeries.”

“I’m tired of reading the same action books that always result in the same ending.”

“Problematic home lives in books.”

“I’m sick of pretty, preppy, god-is-holy girl books. I like deep, dark, and depressing novels and foreign languages.”

Question #3: What would you like to see more of in Young Adult Literature?

“I would like to see more real world discussion books. More books that describe the real challenges of the world. More real life plots and situations besides the perfect bubble they think we live in.”

“I would like to see more of something real. Most teen relationship stuff is totally fake. Things like this can rarely be true. The shy girl doesn’t just man up and talk to the hot jock. She stands on the sidelines and watches and dreams he’ll find her.”

“I would like to see more reality. Everything is all fantasy and dealing with magic.”

“Christianity…more kids having faith in Christ.”

“More morals and less sexuality”

“Books that are smarter…no more dumb tween stuff with dumb drama. I like books that use bigger words and have better plots and developed characters.

“More love stories.”

“I would like to read more about ghosts and mysteries.”

“I would like to see more funny things happen in YA literature.”

“I’d like to see a little more maturity. It’s annoying how people are so immature.”

“Authors feel like they can’t speak right because of younger kids…so let out the profanity!”

“I want more relationships because getting into high school, you want to see what its like having a teen relationship with a guy.”

“More serious conflicts instead of overexaggerated situations.”

Question # 4: Do you read books because of the hype?

“I read books that are interesting to me, not because of the hype.”

“Whenever I decide to read a book, my decision is more based on the first sentences. If it drives me to read more or if it is a downer.

“Most of the time I read books because I hear that they are good from other people.”

“I usually read the book description before I pick up the book. If I have no interest, I won’t read it. “

“I usually read books based on their summaries and also because of familiar authors.”

“I don’t care as long as they’re good books.”

*Check back for Part Two: Who Are Your Favorite Authors? How much does the book jacket influence you? What Point of View Do You Prefer? and the age old question: Why do you not like to read?

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