Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review.

Three heroes. 

Seven books. 

Eight movies. 

Ten years. 

The end is almost here.

And it's never looked so good.

I was ten years old when I walked into the cinema to watch my very first Harry Potter film. I still remember the scene where they first showed Hogwarts. When I was first introduced to the magical world that is Harry Potter.

I walked into the cinema on Friday. I had my popcorn, my drink but I forgot one very important thing. A bucket, for my never ending tears. This movie had me on the brinks of tears from the very first scene. When Hermione removed her parents memory, when Harry saw his parents grave and when Dobby died. Seriously, I was either crying heavily or it was raining on my face.  

I personally think this is one of the best adaption from the book (my ultimate favourite will always be Prisoner of Azkaban). I love how close the film stayed to the book!  There were some things of about the pacing, but I’m really happy that the movie was split into two because we got a chance to see the friendship between the trios develop and crack under pressure.

The cinematography was absolutely breathtaking. So much of this movie was crisp and had a beautiful, grim tone which really reflects the book.  In a way, the setting felt like another character. Well done Yates.  The action scenes were all brilliant. Again, well done Yates. It really showed that the trio are no longer in Hogwarts and have grown up. Also, why is Hermione the most amazing female character of all time?

Also, the greatest tragedy is that Rupert Grint is not mine. I felt like he was amazing in this film. No, I did not scream out “RON BE MINE” in the fight scene in the tent. Nope. Not me.  I swear I am an adult. But, he really portrayed Ron’s jealousy and insecurities well. And the piano scene between Ron and Hermione was the cutest thing of all time. Of all time guys!

The kiss scene between Harry and Hermione was awkward and shall never be spoken about again. KTHANBAI. This may be an unpopular opinion but I loved the dance scene between Harry and Hermione. I think it showed that these characters share an amazing friendship, but ultimately it’s Ron that can give Hermione true happiness. 

I felt like everything was moved on to a whole new level. I was really taken back by Harry, Emma and Rupert (who I am deeply in love with) acting. I felt like they really showed how much the characters have matured and Rupert is amazing. Okay, I need to stop talking about Rupert.

Neville had 5 words in Part One, and let me tell you, they were the most bad ass words in the whole franchise. I LOVE YOU NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM, YOU GO NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM! 

I wished they showed Luna’s room, because it shows how much the trio meant to Luna. I need more Lupin!  The Weasley twins were amazing, and the kiss scene between Harry and Ginny was so cute, awkward and hilarious when her brother walks in drinking tea. I love you Weasley twins. And this may be the weirdest thing I’ve said (and I say really weird things), but I thought Scabior was really hot.  JUST ME? OKAY. I blame this on Nick Moran. 

This film felt like a huge tease for the epicness of epic that is Deathly Hallows Part 2. I will be in the film with my bucket! 


Damn, I thought that would work.


Holly Dodson said...

The acting in this movie was stellar. Emma had me in tears both when she removed herself from her parent's memories and when Bellatrix was torturing her. Gah, she is just amazing. The guys were great too, Emma just really stood out this movie.

Kris said...

I'm finally going tonight. Can't wait...and btw, I'm a lot older than you and think Rupert is pretty awesome, too. :)

Sarah Enni said...

Agree. With. Everything. I had forgotten about Luna's room, and now that you mention it I really wish it had been there.

Harry + Hermione dancing, yes. Harry + Hermione kissing (sorta naked?!), NO NO NO. (I broke your rule about not talking about it, but only to agree. That doesn't count, right?)

And I agree - at the end of this movie I was just amped up for the next one!

Theresa Milstein said...

I feel your enthusiasm!

I was supposed to go this weekend, but I got sick. I'm still sick. Stupid sickness. Thanks for making me feel a little like I'd been there. I'll make it soon.

Horserider said...

I LOVED the dancing scene! And I think Rupert was my favorite actor in this movie. He was amazing. Emma and Daniel, I love you guys, but Rupert really stole the show.

I agree about the unmentionable scene. It was awkward.

I'm really hoping to go see the movie a second time tomorrow. I feel like it'll be even better the second time. When I'm not starting to go delirious with exhaustion and awesomeness.

Krista Ashe said...

BWHAHAH, yes, the smexy kiss scene was a bit much...I wanted to yell, "COVER UP!" Just kidding.

But yes, I can't fully express in words how awesome this one words.

Holly, I totally agree about how gut wrenching that scene was when her parents mind are wiped and all the pictures...CRIES!!!

And I would runaway with Daniel and Rupert! And BOTH the Weasley twins!

J.S. Wood said...

Oh man, the unmentionable make-out kiss scene, just, just, wtf?

I will say, and no this doesn't make me a cougar, Harry has a better body than Cedric *ducks the Twilight fans* :P

Mr Lonely said...

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Leah said...

ARGH! THIS SERIES LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. No joke. Changed.My.Life! I got into reading AND writing because of these books.

The movie was just fantastic. I sat doe-eyed the entire movie, wishing it wouldn't end.

@Amna--P.S. Rupert is single and I'm TOTALLY willing to share *wink*

Debra D. said...

Great review! I totally agree--the cinematography was stunning! And some really touching moments in here!

Can't wait for part two (which we might need even bigger buckets for!)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 said...

Great film, finally got to see it (I know, late!) so I can read reviews (don't like spoilers...!). Love Emma's acting, you can really see how more mature she is, it's fabulous. Can't wait for the next one! :)