Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Guest Blogging bows to Speak Loudly for Laurie Halse Anderson and Speak

It's time to Speak Loudly for Speak!!!

We interrupt our usual Monday Guest Blogging broadcast, er, post, to bring you an Epic Guest Blogging event. Unless you were off twitter, blogs, social media, or in a hole yesterday, you might have missed how Laurie Halse Anderson's wonderful book, Speak, is being challenged as "pornographic". Yes, I know it's absurd, but unfortunately, this absurd and completely warped voice has been the one spouting hate and intolerance in the press. That's why the Young Adult literary community as well as writers everywhere need to stand up and refuse book banning and censorship as well as regulating rape to some pornographic, highly sexual event, which is most certainly NOT!

So, today I leave you with the link where you can find blogs in defense of Laurie Halse Anderson and Speak. The very awesomeness that is Reclusive Bibliophile made an expansive list.

However, the one that touched me deeply, had me weeping was CJ Redwine's brave and courageous post about being a rape survivor and what books like Speak mean to those who have experienced it.

And Lindsey Roth Culli had a great open letter to Dr. citing her faith and backing up her argument with scripture from the Bible. TAKE THAT!

The very fabulous Myra McEntire had courage enough to post about how much her faith means to her, how hard it is to be a writer and a Christian sometimes, and how issues like this get her really riled.

And I also blogged about being a Christian, having the pleasure of teaching Speak last year, meeting Laurie Halse Anderson at ALA, and how not all Christians are intolerant book banning haters.

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Stina Lindenblatt said...

Rape is not entertainment (which is why people read and watch porno). It disgusts me that he's treating them as if they're the same. What kind of message is that sending to guys?

So many girls keep quiet about being raped or sexually assaulted (an estimated 60-80%). SPEAK gives them a voice and hope. That should never be taken away from them.

(I have a copy so please don't enter my name)

Sammy said...

As a writer who also tries to tackle more difficult subjects, I applaud Laurie for what she's done. She's gotten information out there, and her books have acted as comfort for those who've been through things like rape and anorexia. I fully support this move to get SPEAK back on the bestsellers list, and to keep it from being banned - more kids need to read books like this. It goes without question. The man who's trying to get SPEAK banned is clearly the one with issues if he finds rape to be pornographic.

(Also, please enter my name in the giveaway. I'd love to have a copy of this book for myself.)

Amie Kaufman said...

There's so much that's objectionable about this. That one person would undertake to criticise this book in the name of others -- without their consent or request! There's no group about whom you can say "all ____ think/feel that...". As Stina says, so many rape and sexual assault survivors stay silent, for fear so many reasons. Taking away one of the forms of voice available to them is atrocious.

amandawk said...

I am so happy that a ton of people are speaking up about this. No book should be banned. Thanks for the giveaway.
amandarwest at gmaildotcom