Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall into GotYA

Crisp, cool air, football games, colorful leaves--all are signs of fall, my favorite season. With that said, we're hoping you'll really fall into reading GotYA with the seasons changing. And we're planning some things to get you here and reading! :)

First of all, congrats to Hannah for winning the Nightshade arc. Thanks to all of you for tweeting and following us. We really appreciate your support. :)

Second, we have some sad news at GotYA. Veronica Roth and Kathleen Peacock have bid adieu to GotYA due to time constraints with their upcoming releases. We wish them all the best, and we can't wait to read Divergent and Hemlock when they come out. Good luck gals!

NOW, here comes the exciting news. We're totally stoked and pumped to add 3 teen bloggers to the GotYA family. They are Amna M, Rachael K, and Vahini Naidoo. We're looking forward to getting a teen's point of view on the writing game and the industry as well. You can learn more about them in the "About Us" section.

We're also thrilled about our new Monday Guest Blogging Spot. Each and every Monday a new voice in YA will be blogging with us. Here's some of the fantastic peeps we've got on the scedule for the next few months!

Medeia Sharif, Dawn Miller, Corrine Jackson, Sumayyah Daud, Sarah Inni, Miranda Kennealy, Rebecca Sutton, Tracy Martin, Julie Duck, EM Koki, Kara Mustafa, Jill Wheeler, Rachele Alpine, Kathy Bradey, Stephanie Jenkins, Rebecca Rogers, Amanda Sage, Chanelle Gray.

We're especially excited about author interviews with Elizabeth Scott, Claudia Gabel, Kody Keplinger, Janice Hardy, Helene Boudreau and Hilary Wagner.

So, keep GotYA on your "TBR" pile of blog posts because we've got some exciting stuff coming up!!


Chanelley said...

Congrats Hannah!
And wow, lots of news. Can't wait to see whats coming up!

Kathleen said...

Sounds like you guys are gonna have a great Fall!

BrandiBain said...

Sounds exciting!

Krista Ashe said...

Thanks Chan & Brandi!!!

Yes, we do have a great Fall coming up, but it won't be the same without all of our GotYA family! Well, maybe it's once a GotYA gal, always a GotYA gal, lol. Good luck!

Debra D. said... didn't mention the very best part of fall...



Mary Brebner said...

Yay--looking forward to hearing from your new reviewers! Congrats!

Jamie B said...

Welcome Rachel, Vee and Amna!!!!

J.S. Wood said... glad our teams don't play each other ;-)