Sunday, January 3, 2010

Inspired Smooches!

I love hot, smexy smooching scenes. My favorite part of any book or movie is when The Kiss happens. It’s also my favorite scene to write. After building the relationship between my MC and her/his Love Interest to the point of their lips crushing together in an urgent moment of molten hot passion…okay, so it’s not always like that.

Sometimes writing needs inspiration. Here are a few kisses that I call my favorites!

Urgent and Needful as demonstrated by Rose and Jack:

Longing and Yearning as demonstrated by Bella and Edward:

Last but not least, the FINALLY!!! kiss as demonstrated by Harry and Ginny:

ETA: HOW DID I FORGET THIS ONE?????? (Yes, I’ve been ODing on the Lord of The Rings marathon on TNT this weekend)

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