Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cover Love!

It's time for Cover Love!

We start with Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

(US, UK, German)

(French, Portuguese, Polish)

I love the German cover. The colors are great and the spidery wings look kind of creepy!

The French cover reminds me of Adult Urban Fantasy book covers. And Wings is tame, so the cover promises something that isn't there. ;)

I really like how most of the covers show wings in some form on their cover.

Next: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

(US, UK, Greek, Serbian)

(Chinese, Russian, Danish, German)

I really like how on the Danish cover it looks like the girl's hair is on fire. She looks so fierce!

I think it's great that so many publishers decided to have a Mockingjay on the cover. After all it's an important motif of the book. The Russian cover doesn't really reflect the content of the book. It reminds me of a romance cover and despite the whole Katniss/Gale/Peeta debate, The Hunger Games series isn't really a romance.

I don't have a favorite.

What are your favorites?


Josin L. McQuein said...

I think the US covers for all of the Wings books are great, but I agree about the German one being good, too.
The UK versions are a more accurate representation of the story. (And I really love the hyper-pigmented colors for the cover of Wild, which is what they're releasing Illusions as in the UK.)

I don't think any of the covers for Catching Fire can compete with the US one. The German still reminds me of Peter Pan, and the Chinese looks like a naval adventure - like someone's about to get blown out of the water by a submarine.

Tracey Neithercott said...

I haven't read Wings, so I'm not sure about the story. But I love the German and UK covers. The UK one does seem younger, but maybe that's the audience.

For Catching Fire, I love the US one. The Russian one reminds me of the movie Titanic.

Charmaine Clancy said...

Love the Uk and German covers for wings - think some of the others look a little too racey for the kids.

My favourite Mockingbird cover is the UK white one, but I do like the German cover, it's really beautiful (just doesn't seem as relevant).

Great covers!

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Krista Ashe said...

Good lord, two of those Wings covers look like adult Erotica or something....and you're right about the book being so tame.