Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cover Love!

A new edition of cover love! Today we start with a book that isn't even out yet. Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini will be published May 31st.

(US, UK, Spanish, German)
This is a paranormal romance with a Greek twist. The US and the Spanish cover make me think of Greece, of its many islands and the Mediterranean Sea, though the book isn't even set in Greece as far as I know. What I love about the US cover is the cloudy sky because it adds a foreboding touch. The UK cover puts the focus on the starcrossed lovers and the lightning shows that their love won't be easy. I like the color scheme of the German cover and the small figures from Greek mythology at the bottom.

My favorite: US cover

Next: Before I die by Jenny Downham

(US, UK hardcover, UK paperback)

(German, French, Turkish)

(Croatian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Swedish)

I haven't read the book yet but from what I've heard it's really sad which you could probably guess from the title and the summary if you read it. A sixteen year old girl wants to experience life before she dies and there are only a few months left for her to do that. I love the UK paperback. I can't even say why. Maybe because it shows hope and a touch of sadness at the same time. The mood of the covers in the middle is much lighter than in the others. They aren't as bittersweet as the UK hardcover or paperback for example. From the last four covers the Finnish version is my favorite. I like how the red shoes stick out. Nice image.

So what are your favorite covers? Do you think the Before I die covers do justice to the book?


Josin L. McQuein said...

I like the UK covers for Before I die. The US cover looks more like a murder mystery to me; it could even be a re-release of The Lovely Bones.

The UK covers get across the ticking clock (dandelion) and that the girl is dying - the head scarf implies cancer or some such.

With Starcrossed, I think the US cover is good. I don't like the UK cover; it looks like adult romance to me. I'm not a big fan of faded out eyes staring meaningfully, so I don't like the Spanish cover, either. The German one is pretty, but the first thing I thought was "Graceling". Same color palate; it could easily be a re-release cover.

Bee said...
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Bee said...

Before I Die is my favourite book ever!

And I LOVE the UK cover. It's also the one I own.

I like most of the other covers too. Though the German and the French ones look rather frivolous.

Hey, read it up. You won't be disappointed ;)

LM Preston said...

Gosh they are all so beautiful!

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness! I absolutely adore the German cover of Starcrossed! It's so pretty.

The Croatian version of Before I Die as well as the Finnish version are so interesting looking!

J.S. Wood said...

I love the UK Before I Die (especially the hardcover)