Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cover Love!

It's time for cover love!

Let's start with A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.

(From left to right: US, German, Spanish)

I think the US cover is great because it shows that the book is a historical YA but what it doesn't show is that there are paranormal aspects as well. That's what the Spanish cover conveys better. I like how the S of Spence glows and the unusual necklace around the girl's neck. The colors of the German cover are lovely but I wish it was a bit darker.

(Indonesian, French, Dutch)
I'm not sure about the French cover. Normally I'm all for dark covers but this one just doesn't appeal to me at all.
Next: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

(US, German, Czech)
I guess everyone has seen the US cover with the red apple before. It's eyecatching but I'm not sure if I actually like it. I think I prefer the German version, though it has a historical touch.

(Russian, Indonesian, Thai)
The Russian as well as the Czech cover remind me of The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I really like the Thai version. Sorry that it's so small!
Next: Percy Jackson -The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
(US?, UK, Dutch)
This is MG, so the feel of the cover is a bit different. All of the Percy Jackson covers fit the plot but my favorite is the UK version.

(German, German, Indonesian)
Often, the German covers are really lovely but I'm not sure what to think about the first one. It's kind of funny I guess, so that might be good for Middle Graders but on the other hand I feel that it's a bit uninspired. The second German version is much better imo.
So what are your favorite covers of the above?


Stina Lindenblatt said...

I prefer the US covers for GTB and Twilight. There's something sexy about them. Plus I prefer photos as covers. :D

Jamie B said...

I tend to like the US covers the best. I do like the Spanish G&TB cover though, like you pointed out, it shows the paranormal aspect.

I love this weekly segment, Susanne, thanks for putting it together!

Tracey Neithercott said...

I definitely like the US cover fort GTB. The Indonesian looks like the ad for a made for TV movie.

The US Twilight wins for me, too. It's so simple, which I like. The Thai is beautiful, though.

I'm a fan of pretty much all of the Percy Jackson covers. The first German one is funny, though it doesn't tell me this tells the story of an epic adventure.

Love this feature!

Krista Ashe said...

Okay, those Percy Jackson covers are hilarious! Especially the one with the Cowbeast or whatever flying through the air of New York, lol.

I really like all the US covers....most of the time. We must really be on to something here, lol.

The foreign Twilight covers are kinda hideous.

Becca said...

I love your cover love posts. How do you find the other country versions of all these books?

FourDoorHeathan said...

Hi! New blogger here.

I definitely agree with you about the GTB. So great. But, I really liked the German Percy Jackson cover. It's so cute and quirky, perfect for MG.

By the way, love the blog!

Janine said...

I pretty much agree with Susanne about which covers I like best. Though, I do like the US Twilight, I just think I've seen it too many times to be impartial. I'd pick up the German Twilight based on the cover, without knowing what it was. I really like the German GTB cover--I love the US cover (really love) but I always want it to be a different book.

Horserider said...

Does anyone else feel like the Indonesian Twilight cover looks like it should belong on a Rapunzel retelling?

The first Lightning Thief cover is the US paperback. I like that one, but I've always been fond of the hardcover. I think I actually like the Dutch one the best even though it reminds me of the cover for The Titan's Curse.

J.S. Wood said...

I must say I like all of the US covers best!

Marilee Brothers said...

My publisher sold the foreign rights for Moonstone to France. When the book came out, I checked out the cover and, honest to God, I couldn't figure out what was. It was that bad! Allie looks like a refugee from a regency romance and has blond hair. After much studying, I finally figured out it was a guy with a hand on her back. It's all yellow an yucky! Oh well, not my problem.

Marilee Brothers said...

My publisher sold the Moonstone foreign rights to France. When it came out, the cover was mustard yellow and truly hideous! After much studying, I finally figured out it was a guy with his hand on Allie's back. Allie is blond and looks like she's from a Regency romance. Makes me appreciate my U.S cover all the more.

Marilee Brothers said...

Oops! Sorry about the double post. Didn't think the first one went up. My bad!

Julia Burke said...

i personally like the