Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Look at Bell Bridge Books…Interview to Follow!

It’s a good time to celebrate Belle Bridge Books. Why? Because they’re coming up on their one year anniversary after being launched last July. So who are Belle Bridge Books? Well, they are an imprint of BelleBooks, which is a well established publisher of Southern fiction with offices in Atlanta, Memphis, and Saltillo, Mississippi. Belle Books was started over ten years ago by six Southern writers with over 100 published titles between them, including New York Times Bestseller Deborah Smith.

But with the launch last year came acceptance past the “Southern Fried Fiction” genre by embracing Fantasy. Some of Belle Bridge’s YA Fantasy titles are Moonstone by Marilee Brothers, Bite Me by Parker Blue, and Once Bitten by Katalyna Price.

Belle Bridge titles are released in both trade paperback and ebook editions. Book Promotion is very important at Belle Bridge Books. First, they have their own website where you will be featured with your own sales page, author page complete with bio and photo. Here’s a link to their website:

There are also extensive email promotions where your book is announced to an established email list, which reaches thousands of readers throughout the online community. Third, there are author book signings. And last, but not least, there’s video book trailers that are available on YouTube, the Belle Bridge Books website, Myspace, and Facebook page.

Here’s Belle Bridge Author and fellow AbsoluteWriter, Marilee Brothers, book trailer for Moonstone.

So, you think you got what it takes to submit? Well, here’s what Belle Bridge Books is looking for in their own words:

Yes, we’d love to find the next Harry Potter, but our primary focus for the moment is publishing for the teen market. If you read Holly Black, Stephanie Meyer, Laura Whitcomb (A Certain Slant Of Light), Neil Gaiman, Scott Westerfeld, Robin McKinley etc. you’re probably writing something we’d love to see. We’ve just acquired a contemporary fantasy of magick by Marilee Brothers. Her voice is so compelling she made us want that book after reading only 8 pages in a contest a year ago—that’s all she entered…8 pages. Once we established Bell Bridge Books, we hunted her down. (Folks, voice is important)

Speaking of Marilee Brothers, I loved Moonstone, and I just ordered the sequel, Moon Rise. I was swept away into Allie’s world, and like every teen or “teen at heart”, I empathized with her dilemmas from what to do about her powers to the swoon worthy Junior Martinez. I also snorted with laughter many times at the hilarity of Allie’s voice and predicaments. I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait to get back to Allie’s world!

We will be featuring an interview with Marilee Brothers later on this month, and there will also be a one on one interview with Belle Bridge Books in August.

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