Saturday, July 18, 2009

Self Publishing Spotlight

Self publishing has become a popular nontraditional route to publication in the last few years and has propelled some authors to the best seller’s shelf. I attended a writer’s conference at Columbus State Community College in Ohio last April and listened to Jennifer De Chiara’s story of how one of her clients became very successful through the self publication route. In this particular case, the children’s picture book was rejected by publishers because of the sheer cost of production of the book itself. The writer was adamant that a little stuff animal needed attached to the book itself. The publishers told her that there wasn’t a possibility of that book ever getting published if she wouldn’t drop the demand of the stuffed animal. So she turned to Jennifer some advice.

After Jennifer had exhausted all of the publishing possibilities she advised her client to try the self publishing route because she felt the book was good and that it would probably sell with the right marketing. So the author fronted all the money for the printing costs, gathered up all her connections and set out to sell her beloved children’s picture book.

A short time passed and the author did some awesome self marketing that landed her on the QVC home shopping network.It wasn’t long after that appearance that she was on the best seller list. Soon all of the publishers that had once rejected her, were seeking her out, and offering her deals.

Self publishing does offer you an alternative way to get your work into print. Although the above is not a typical success story of self publication, it does allow your voice to be heard. Who knows, if you decide to go this way,it could possibly get you noticed in the literary world as a serious author.

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