Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Snapshot Of What Kids Are Reading: 25 Top Books of the Month

Our media specialist ran a data snapshot to show what were the most popular checkouts for the past month. Hands down it looks like Ellen Hopkins is kicking butt and taking names with several titles represented. With Dear John opening last Friday, Nicholas Sparks still is endearing himself to young audiences with several titles on the list. Most of the big names in YA and even in adult literature are represented. So, without further adieu, here’s the list!

(1). Tricks /Ellen Hopkins

(2). Tempted: House of Night/PC Cast

(3). Identical/Ellen Hopkins

(4). Impulse/Ellen Hopkins

(5). Marked/PC Cast

(6). Breaking Dawn/Stephanie Meyer

7). Art Geeks and Prom Queens/Alyson Noel

8). Cranked/Ellen Hopkins

9). A Walk to Remember/Nicholas Sparks

10). Wicked/Nancy Holder

11). The Battle of the Labyrinth/Rick Riordan

12). The Beast of Noor/Janet Carey

13). Bloody Jack/LA Meyer

14). Burned/Ellen Hopkins

15). Catching Fire/Susan Collins

16). City of Ashes/Cassandra Clare

17). Ultimate X Men/Mark Millar

18). Curse of the Blue Tattoo/LA Meyer

19). Dear John/Nicholas Sparks

20). Maggie’s Mistake/Carolyn Brown

21). Message in a Bottle/Nicholas Sparks

22). Pants on Fire/Meg Cabot

23). The Shining/Stephen King

24). Splendor/Anna Godbersen

25) The Time-Traveler’s Wife/Audrey Niffenegga

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