Saturday, May 8, 2010

GotYA Readers and Bloggers Agree...

Actually, we don't. Our tastes are so starkly different its insane. Okay, maybe not insane, but I could hardly narrow down tastes because everyone's different.

So I'll do my best.

For music, bloggers and readers recommend:

A summer favorite, Sublime.

For the more rockerly type, Linkin Park.

Or for country, Kenny Chesney!

I personally like to go more punk rock or indie/girlie, so my personal recommendations are A Day to Remember and Vedera!

For movies, bloggers recommend:

Gidget (Old and Remake!)


Everyone's favorite teen movies!

And as for places to be:

The beach!

And a pool deck with a margarita! (Or iced coffee for those of you who don't drink) (Or lemonade for those who don't do the caffeine either!)


salarsenッ said...

Ferris...hah! Watched that thing so many times...while I was *sick* home from school. ";-0

Leah said...

Ah, A Day to Remember's songs are always perfect for my UF fics. PERFECT!